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Top 3 Best Beach Vacations in the U.S.

Posted at October 25th, 2018 | Categorised in Beach

Going on a vacation to the beach is definitely a relaxing and refreshing way for some people Here are the top 3 best beach vacations in the U.S. you should visit.

Hawaii Beach

Who doesn’t know Hawaii? It is a famous big island that people around the world want to visit too. There are actually other famous islands near Hawaii. They are including Oahu and Kauai. Oahu is a great beach for animal partiers, surfers, and also people who love outdoor adventures. Meanwhile, for people who seek for luxury and romance atmosphere, Kauai is the perfect beach. What about Hawaii?

Hawaii Beach Lanikai Oahu

Fantastic is one of the words that can describe Hawaii as one of the beautiful beaches. It has a beautiful beach with black-sand surrounded by green rainforest and also peaks that have snow on it. The water is mostly blue, crystal clear. The weather is always sunny even though sometimes it’s a little bit hot. If you are a newlywed, it will be a perfect vacation getaway. As you arrived, you will see a lot of Tiki as a meaningful symbol that represents Hawaiian Gods and Polynesian Mythology that is carved in stone or wood.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a great place where travelers around the world, residents, and cultures mix all together. You can see a lot of different types of people and hear several different English accents too. You can meet amateur artists, musician, and even models here. There are also families that spend the holiday at Miami Beach. Most people enjoy Miami Beach to get tanned.

Miami Best Beach Vacation

If you are looking for a beach that is safe for your kids, then you should head to the northern area. The North Miami Beach will be one of the favorite beaches that your kids like. They can play and while you stay in the cheapest hotels and eat in the most affordable cafes and restaurants. There are also several attractions nearby including Greater Miami Theater, museums, and also a gallery.

Oahu Beach

best beach vacation in Oahu Beach

If you are looking for the perfect mix between amazing view and upper luxury in Hawaiian island, then you should travel to Oahu Beach. The urban culture is alive while the historical sites are still there in the heart of the city. The mix between nowadays and past life is great cultures that tourists can admire. You can also see some of the most luxurious resorts around the neighborhood of Waikiki. Strolling in this one of beautiful beaches will be a good idea when you can touch the sparkling, white sand with your feet. You can also enjoy the vibrant culture by going to upscale restaurants and pubs.

So, which one is your favorite best beach vacations?

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