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Read These Tips Before Traveling To Myanmar

Posted at October 12th, 2018 | Categorised in Travel Tips

Myanmar is one of the ASEAN countries that to be famous in foreign traveler. Many activities could be to visit such as historical, culture, nature, and culinary destination. Do you also like vacation to Myanmar? Read these some tips to be useful for you before going vacation to these country.

Travel Tips Vacationing To Myanmar

Lets check about some information to be useful for you!!

Travel Tips Vacationing To Myanmar

For those of you who really want to vacation in the country of Myanmar and want to get all the thrill of sightseeing there, these some travel tips before vacationing in Myanmar that you must know and prepare properly.


As in other Southeast Asian countries, infrastructure in Myanmar is still very limited. Therefore, when you are going to vacation in Myanmar, try to find out where the best place to stay can be found and find out the accommodations that are there to be ready when you are in Myanmar.


Myanmar is not the same as before where the local population still receives payments with US dollars. Now the Myanmar population uses the Kyat currency which is Myanmar’s currency to carry out various transactions.


There is one trick that is usually to do by traveler who visits Myanmar, replacing the cellphone SIM Card. No longer the home country provider, but replacing the local SIM card. Related to this point, the solution is very easy because now many outlets have provided SIM cards at affordable prices so that with this your communication can still be maintained.

Travel Advice

Some areas in Myanmar are still closed to foreigners related to the conflict between the government and a range of ethnic groups in eastern and northern Myanmar. Some of the areas referred to in this conflict area include Kachin and Shan. Even if you continue to experience changes, don’t forget to check travel advice from the Indonesian government so that you can stay safe when making tourist visits in Myanmar in various situations that occur there.

Find Cheap Culinary

Because travel abroad is also related to culinary tourism, try to selectively choose culinary tourism. Choose Myanmar’s best culinary tours that offer affordable prices for tourists.

Well, so little information this time we can provide you. Hopefully the information we provide above regarding Travel Tips Before Vacationing in Myanmar is useful for us.

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