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Florida Beach Vacations Ideas for Family

Posted at October 26th, 2018 | Categorised in Beach

Today, we would like to give ideas for you and your family’s Florida Beach vacations. Let’s check them out!

Enjoy the Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari Florida Beach Vacations

If your family members are all animal lovers, then you should try to drive a car to the inside of Lion Country Safari. The animals here are not in cages, but rather free in their environment. They are free to walk and roam as well as enjoy this big area. The location is nearby the Loxahatchee. It was built in 1967 and rumor has it, it was the first zoo in the U.S. that didn’t put the animals in cages. When you visit this place, the way you approach the animals is from your vehicle. You can observe and meet animals almost around the world including zebras, ostriches, giraffes, and rhinos.

Have fun at Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa Florida Beach Vacations

The next thing you can do with your family in Florida Beach is to have fun at Busch Gardens Tampa. It is one of the places nearby Florida Beach you shouldn’t miss. From the name, some of you might guess that it is actually a garden. But, it isn’t. It is an amusement park that has an African theme inspired in Tampa. The amusement park has several African names to differentiate between one area to another area. In here, you and your kids can see the replica of Serengeti Express and also steam engine. Don’t miss the Sky Ride which can take you to enjoy several areas in this big theme park. The highlight attraction of this park is its roller coasters. When you are tired strolling and riding all the attractions, you can fuel yourself by buying beverage and food in the restaurants. You can also go shopping to buy some souvenirs. If you think this theme park only offers rides, then you need to check out its collections of animals from Asia and Africa including cheetah, alligators, and elephants!

Visit the botanical gardens of Marie Selby

botanical gardens of Marie Selby Florida Beach

This is probably one of the most tranquil places nearby Florida Beach. This pretty botanical garden is actually a former home of Marie and William Selby. The location is in Sarasota Bay. It is a place where you can see amazing designs of flower gardens. Your kids can also learn about plants and flowers here. You can have a picnic by bringing your picnic mat and basket. There is no other place that can take your stressed out than this place. It is a good decision to go here to avoid the bustling city. The displays are quite many for orchids and epiphytes. Many people also rent it as their wedding venue.

We hope that those Florida Beach vacations ideas can make your family vacation great! Happy holiday!

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